Excel Academy LLC

      Enrolling for 2022-2023

Available Student Openings 
for 2022-2023
2/3yr old M-F 8:00a-11:00a~ 1 opening
Jr. Academy A.M.~ 7 openings
Jr. Academy P.M.~ 11 openings
Jr. Academy All Day~ 7 openings
K-8~ 8 openings

Available Staff Openings 
for 2022-2023
Looking for SUMMER work with children? Interested in a nice living stipend? At least 18 years of age? Need help with student loans (not all qualify) or interested in an educational credit toward additional school? Ready to have a foot in the door for federal jobs?
*If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, Excel Academy Private School may have a place for you.

Summer work would begin in late May with official duties starting June 5th. This Summer opportunity would end in late August.

These summer VISTA positions will focus on planning and executing summer camps for a wide variety of ages, planning and executing summer school, and tutoring, as well as office and admin tasks.
*Applicants will need to pass drug screenings, and numerous background checks, as well as hold a valid driver's license.

**Interested applicants may contact Jennifer Wistisen at jawistisen@excelacademywy.com

Resumes may be send to jawistisen@excelacademywy.com